About us


Company Sharteks starts to work in 1989 as an independent trade shop at the time as S.T.D - Sharteks founded by Aleksovski Ljube. The main activity was the sale of textile household products like (towels, bed linen, quilts, pillows, blankets ...)   

In 1990 Sharteks is moving from S.T.D - Sharteks in Sharteks company - DOOEL - Tetovo, which begins with retail of bulky textile products (carpets, runners, rubber mats ..) After two years of work, shop changes location in a larger shop in Tetovo city stadium that works today. In 1993 "Sharteks" expands and opens a second store in downtown Tetovo on Marshal Tito Street, which also deals with the sale of bulky textile products. In 1994 the company started to deal with the sale of its wholesale warehouse in Tetovo. Because of the good work the company is expanding again. This time Sharteks opens new shop in Skopje. In 1998 Sharteks opens first store in Skopje on the street John Kennedy in Cair. In 2002 Sharteks build new warehouse space of 1200m2 in the industrial area of Kisela Voda - Skopje, where it continues with wholesale. In 2004, Sharteks continues to expand in Skopje at municipality Karpos (Karpos 4, the old Radio Television) opens  modern 360m2 store that serves the retail sale of all types of floor coverings. In 2010 Sharteks opened the largest and most modern store in Macedonia of 1680m2 which is used for retail sale of all types of floor coverings. It is the industrial area in the municipality K. Water on the road Skopje - Dracevo. Novelty of this shop is selling the parquet and laminates.

In the period of 1993-1999 Sharteks was representative of "Proleter" - Zrenjanin and "ITI" - Ivanjica from Serbia. From 1999 until today Sharteks is more representative of the Belgian factories engaged in manufacturing carpets, carpets, footpaths, industrial floors, linoleum floors ... From this year Sharteks is representative of the German company "Tarkett" which produces parquet and laminates.

Characteristically Sharteks Company is working through its own wholesale and retail through its own assembly and cast their own transportation. Sharteks started as a family company and today counts 20 workers.